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Acceder Aquello que nos hace Familia: Conecta 3, portafolio empresarial.

Instituto Thomas Jefferson

In this segment, we share on video some of the projects and events that make unique the Thomas Jefferson Experience!

We encourage you to be witness of your child’s most significant moments at school by accessing TJ-Televison (www.tj-tv.itjqro.edu.mx)

10 años en familia

El pasado Jueves 14 de Mayo, tuvo lugar nuestra tradicional cena del día del maestro, además de festejar y reconocer a todo el personal...

Mother’s Day!

Moms are the most important people in our lives! They deserve the best in the world! For that reason, our children performed...


This year, The Thomas Jefferson Musical Theatre Company produced Aladino, The Musical! This great play about a young courageous boy who strives...