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Congruentes con la innovación tecnológica que se lleva a cabo dentro del salón de clase, es que hemos incorporado estos mismos avances en el área administrativa para poderles ofrecer un mejor servicio.

Mediante el siguiente botón pueden ustedes acceder al servidor para efectuar sus operaciones:

A partir del día 01 de enero del 2015 , el único acceso de dominio al portal SesWeb, será,

Quedando deshabilitado el acceso al dominio

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Instituto Thomas Jefferson

In this segment, we share on video some of the projects and events that make unique the Thomas Jefferson Experience!

We encourage you to be witness of your child’s most significant moments at school by accessing TJ-Televison (

We All Fly

“Once you leave the ground, you fly.” Of course Michael Jordan flies, but the only reason why he does is because someone,...

With Great Power…

Spiderman had it right. With great power, comes great responsibility. This year, as every 3 years, all of us Mexicans have the possibility and...

Parent’s Talent Show
Parents Association organized a Valentine’s day celebration. Mothers and fathers from all Kindergarden grades participated dancing and showing their talent to our children.   With music...